Why Horses?

Horses have the ability to mirror exactly what the human body language is telling them, which quickens self-awareness leading to powerful insight and change.Horses, as instinctive and intuitive animals, help people discover how to deal with stress more effectively, communicate more efficiently,
build strong and enduring relationships,
dramatically increase their self-confidence,
eradicate limiting beliefs that have blocked them in the past, develop more successful problem-solving skills , find out how to thrive on change and challenges, re-discover and re-define their purpose in life and gain a solid understanding of who they are.

Horses provide wonderful metaphors for leadership, transformation, recovery and other varied life situations.

During experiential workshops with horses, we learn about ourselves, others and the world around us in a new and powerful way. We tap into Non-verbal  and intuitive intelligence to understand the subtle layers of awareness within ourselves and within others.

Our non-verbal messages are supporting us all the time, but most people have a hard time being able to tune in at that level. The horses are master teachers of this skill.

Working with our four legged equines as partners in learning, leadership and life has dramatically accelerated personal and professional growth for thousands.  Horses have proven themselves to be masters of empowerment, creativity, advanced leadership and joy.

Biofeedback from horses helps us to fine tune our use of personal energy. We learn how to better modulate our own energy patterns helping us to create a healthier, more effective and fulfilling life.

The physiological effects include lowered blood pressure and heart rate, increased beta-endorphin levels, decreased stress levels, reduced feelings of anger, tension and anxiety, improved personal relationships, trust, patience and self-esteem.