The Wisdom of the Horse

 “Horses are adept at negotiating individual and group needs simultaneously. Horses demonstrate high levels of emotional agility, going “back to grazing” after eluding or fighting predators, spend the largest portion of each day in a state of relaxed awareness, gentle exploration, joyful play, deep peace, and profound connection.”

-Linda Kohanov, The Power of the Herd


Horses are adept at picking up and responding to human intention and non-verbal communication.  They provide instant, honest, accurate feedback in the moment – creating experiences that get to the core of issues quickly, powerfully and effectively. Horses read the truth in our energy and body language and react to what they see – holding up an authentic mirror to our intention and behavior to enable us to refine and further develop leadership skills needed to achieve individual, team and organizational goals.

“The Gift of the Horse

Horses, in particular, are poised to help us balance our predatory inclinations by exemplifying, and exercising, a more constructive, life-sustaining form of power.

Innately equipped to assist us in tapping those higher levels of awareness, compassion, and leadership essential to fulfilling our role as responsible stewards of the earth, its myriad cultures, and its vast array of sentient, uniquely gifted life forms.”

-Linda Kohanov, author of Power of the Herd