Each learning activity has a clear goal. All the work is done on the ground — there is no riding involved. Depending on the activity, the horses are at liberty, free to roam as they please, or they are on a lead line. Because each person and each horse experiences the other uniquely on their own terms, the experience is tailored to each participant or group of participants.

Our horses choose to partner participants and through this interaction, the horse encourages participants to explore what’s possible. Each horse is taking in at all times the information we convey in the moment, consciously and unconsciously. Our feelings, breathing, movement and posture provide the horse with a depth of information, enabling this natural coach to give us immediate, 100% non-judgmental, observable feedback. When a person engages in this type of learning with an open heart and mind, free of expectation, the gift of personal and professional insight is theirs for the taking.

The shared journey between the beginning and the end of the activity and the connection between the horse and human is often transformative and is usually a source of significant personal and professional insight.